25 thoughts on “Adidas – Made from 100% Chelsea

  1. I’m 25, and I’ve been supporting Chelsea for half my life, but will continue supporting them for the rest of it!!! 100% Chelsea!!!!

  2. at 1:02 you can see he holding the The logo from the Cup Winners Cup (Second Round First Leg) game Tromsø – Chelsea in the cold winter in Tromsø in the nov 1997. The Norwegian Club Tromsø beat Chelsea 3-2 there!

  3. i have support Chelsea since 1999 and i love this video go blues make another historical ;D

  4. They’re making history right now, that’s why it’s all so exciting.
    They don’t live for the past glory, they’re making it right here right now.
    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  5. I started supporting Chelsea 10 years ago. I’m going to be proud to tell kids I watched and lived through the Lampard and JT era. There are no players in the world with more passion than those of Chelsea.

  6. I’ve been a chelsea fan for 7 years now and have loved every second of it. Waiting for those weekend games and waking up knowing im about to see my team is whats its all about. The drama, the excitement, disappointment, heartbreak and ecstasy of being a chelsea fan is something im truly addicted to. I’m only 19 and ill be watching this team till the day i leave this earth. Ill be telling my grandkids that i was blessed to have lived through the era of JT and Super Frank. Two absolute legends.

  7. Terry is a disgrace, dads a drug dealer his mums a shoplifter and him and hi brother shag other peoples wifes. fucking waste of spaces

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