All objectives of Chelsea in the Premier League 2009/2010 time! Hope all of you take pleasure in it. CAREFREE! And please subscribe! ) I do not very own the rights to the songs used. Facebook Fan Web page –
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “CHELSEA FC – 103 GOALS By Feroze PART 1”

  1. iron888888 Says:

    ballack we miss u

  2. mrmodernkillz Says:

    ballack was incredible always will be remembered

  3. sulejman15 Says:

    thank you man. xxx

  4. iGameDailyTV Says:

    Miss Ballack :( why did we let him go

  5. slaysunday Says:

    @teamcheyne same :(

  6. sportsportsport Says:

    Thanks for this

  7. pulsengine Says:

    Could of got the music in sync more…. lol joke great vid mate, love itttt. CFC

  8. SouIflyz Says:

    thx a lot i was lookin or a long time for such compilaton !

  9. chelseaforever10 Says:


  10. kltl28 Says:

    great vid!
    what is the name of the tune for the 2nd half of this vid?

  11. chelseablues777 Says:

    how do you get these videos?

  12. asadyarei Says:

    OMG i can’t believe we won the
    Premier League. i am so happy that drogba won the golden boot and the best player in the premier league.

  13. bradyisbeast12 Says:

    the good old days….

  14. Dats1G Says:

    Gosh I love, love, love this video, the quality, music, commentary everything fits so well, and i watch it quite often.
    plus now that chelsea is slumpin quite a bit
    it reminds me of good times and gives me hope for 2011.
    go Blues!

  15. nintendotim275 Says:

    the first song fits so well its unreal

  16. JironCFC Says:

    missing ballack and deco

  17. gunboss201 Says:

    if you could, pls do the 10/11 season too when the season ends next year

  18. tashaeatsbiscuits Says:

    one of the best seasons ever

  19. grimleemer2 Says:

    Drogba is my favorite African player =)

  20. 13640 Says:

    5:50 – 5:56 the best
    awsome pass from lampard

  21. teamcheyne Says:

    I miss Ballack…

  22. afstutz Says:

    nice job!!!

  23. Art3ever Says:

    y did ballack have to leave i know he wasnt the best but he was a very important part of the club :(

  24. jibrilaminu Says:

    tnx alot i was working on it but couldnt complete……
    more greece to your elbow

  25. Yuzahri Says:

    2:23 = OMG, Lampard! <3