25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Believe – By Feroze [HD]

  1. Just stumbled upon this on YouTube and even though it’s old I figured it’s
    worth a share

  2. How about YOU piss off?? Everyone misses penalties at some point, Lampard,
    Messi, Ronaldo, Gerrard have all missed penalties. Lukaku is well on his
    way to being a top player.

  3. and torres has been inform and eto has scored , he scored agianst steau
    becurast or however you spell there name anyways thats not the point our
    strikers are good and torres is our best striker without dout at the moment
    and probably our best player atm him and oscar are doing good and david
    luiz but IM SORRY BUT MATA can stay on THE BENCH because willian is TOO
    GOOD did you see his goal vs nowrich

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