Chelsea FC – Super Cup 2013 – Motivational Promo Video

Movie Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC – Super Cup 2013 – Motivational Promo Video”

  1. Matthew Valcho Says:

    the speech is made up of bits and pieces of Vince Lombardi’s winning is a habit speech just voiced over by someone else. Such a great motivator.

  2. Herbert Chisala Says:

    nice @thomas lundberg this video z great mate

  3. MannanHD Says:

    Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah

  4. Vasea Orbu Says:

    torres forevor

  5. chelseafc1905 Says:

    amazing.. again

  6. Vicky Dabhade Says:

    dis man deserve a medal :D

  7. george manesiotis Says:

    who is the song that starts the video..thanks.

  8. Thomas Lundberg Says:

    Thank you so much and BIG THANKS to all you guys for watching and commenting on this one! To read this motivates me to make my videos better and better!

  9. Thomas Lundberg Says:

    Thanks, have made a few productions for them, check out my previous videos :)

  10. 22ndCenturyBasterd Says:

    Chelsea TV should employ you. You’re too good.

  11. Huzaifa Patel Says:

    Why dislike!

  12. bizzybone3adc Says:

    Nice video.

  13. Marwan Kobrousli Says:

    Still waiting for the video you and feroze are making!

  14. kekomitt Says:

    nice job

  15. Saranjeet Sodhi Says:

    SUPERB!!!!. You tried something new this time and it was BANG ON !!
    Whose voice is that?

  16. Faizan Darwesh Says:



    Your art is a gold. Worth it to spend my time with yr channel. Of course the best is we share the same TRUEBLUE heart! Keep up yr very good work Thom!

  18. kenan . Says:


  19. vaneis silva Says:

    very nice

  20. ASHRAF83382 Says:

    Come on Chelsea …
    We wanna the European Super cup

  21. AJ ABBEY Says:

    Breath Taking Simply Breath Taking

  22. MNXHD Says:

    Amazing as always. Thomas. I love yours edits ♥

  23. 84acmilan Says:

    Very nice work. Thank you

  24. MrBananarama1000 Says:

    Great Work Thomas!!! Let’s go and win the Super Cup!!!

  25. Luizkutianski Says:

    Awesome like aways