25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Team news from Malaysia

  1. Hi to all football fans, could u please comment on this this video if u havent yet. Could u also spread it to other football fans on youtube to see who is the most supported team


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  3. hm not a plenty works of the FAM sponsor, to me it should be Ipswish Town football team either Aston Villa FC in there ;/

  4. I’m sorry Chelsea fans and Mr Oligarch but how many chartered planes did you bring to fill the stadium?

  5. @warteck18 If you are losing patience then i suggest you go put on a manure shirt. It’s about time we shed the JCLs..

  6. @warteck18 Firstly, you’re not talking any sense. Secondly, the word you’re looking for is patient, not the polar opposite. How long have you been a faithful fan, mate? A long serving fan as myself knows that it takes more than a couple of weeks to get everything working. Stop whining btw, whining is for bitches.

  7. @123kyuss Wise words man and I surely hope to see Chelsea play with more creativity soon..

  8. @xypher89 I’ll better die that support teams like Liverpool or United so stfu because not all Chelsea fan is as impatient as you are.

  9. @salibim Maybe you should just shut the fuck up and accept that every Chelsea fan is different.

  10. Are people forgetting our pre-season last year sucked (losing every game) and we still had the best start in the league compared to all other teams? How we fared mid and end season is irrelevant to this fact so don’t bother mentioning it.

  11. @warteck18 Chelsea are doing alot more training that other teams, they’re doing extra sessions and believe it or not but it really does make a difference between working hard and resting. I didn’t expect them to win by much, cnsidering the teams change complete every 45 minutes, its hard for the players to get an understanding of what the others wants. Next game if he fields a propper starting 11, and makes few subs and we win by one.. then i’ll agree with you.

  12. @MRxluke I am just saying that would have been more intertaining for a croud of 84000, would rather see Chelsea win 1-0 or 10-5, I say ten five.

  13. To impatient Chelsea fans:
    Please relax, AV-B is playing this right, not rushing into getting new players with a new squad. He needs to spend time with the team, needs to see where there are gaps that needs to be filled and analyze the team. Haven’t you seen his report on Newcastle in 2004? A sure football genius this man is so give him some time ffs… The Roman Empire wasn’t built in a blink of an eye for crying outloud…

    “He that can have Patience, can have what he will” Benjamin Franklin

  14. malaysia loves chelsea lol. they love liverpool mate, most were there hoping malaysia would beat chelsea.

  15. @warteck18 what’s up with chelsea fans these days? why is everyone being so impatient? this was our THIRD GAME under AVB. if you don’t have the patience, go support your beloved Liverpool or United if you want high scoring games

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