Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2009/10

This is a video clip showcasing a subjective see of Chelsea’s greater strikes during their double-profitable 2009-ten campaign. I do not own the rights for the footage nor the music. Only the editing. Credit to cappers at Tiki-Taka and fbtz.

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2009/10”

  1. 1337mySTAR Says:

    essien vs barcelona is the real number 1 :)

  2. 2208Dano Says:

    name of the somg please ? :)

  3. adycarabus Says:

    best season ever :X

  4. devfxz Says:

    chelsea best goals lists wouldnt be complete without any frankie’s and essien’s goals

  5. Blueflagflyinghigh1 Says:

    ah…2009-10.double title.double win against arsenal,liverpool and united.103 scored goals.drogba best was few months ago,and it seems like it was 20 years ago :(

  6. Blueflagflyinghigh1 Says:

    @sohrabx and 92% from asia


    loved the 2nd one


    CHELSEA! but win some more games this year

  9. AstonMartinVanquish7 Says:

    @CFCMladen :)

  10. fpzSomb Says:

    awesome i <3 chelsea

  11. pUmaDst Says:

    @sohrabx yeah and the rest 30 % are other asians!

  12. sohrabx Says:

    70% of manu fans are from India :o

  13. SolliMo Says:

    i really love this vid:)
    Amazing goals from an amazing team.

  14. qiausejash Says:

    Sorry Youtube, I raped your replay button

  15. uzekz Says:

    @Megablues1000 haha! Why? are u serious?

  16. albanshehu Says:

    @CFCMladen Yea Serbia and Pakistan How lovely

  17. Hinata1632 Says:

    number 2 and number 1 are just insane. i cant decide, the beautiful balls from deco and lampard and the wonderful finesse from drogba or the INSANE lock from cole and beautiful goal.

  18. Megablues1000 Says:

    all pakistan loves chelsea

  19. CFCMladen Says:

    Serbia love Chelsea!!!

  20. madirishman01 Says:

    @samson157 Thumbs up if Samson157 and everybody else only started supporting Chelsea since 2004

  21. ts3kata Says:

    @Ehadus True

  22. ZealotX3 Says:


  23. Ehadus Says:

    Number 2 should be Number 1

  24. Jezzabri Says:

    Lol – 1:20 – here comes Co-O-o-O-o-OLE! WONDERFUL!

  25. hanrahan87 Says:

    @AJBfc I’ve been mates with him since he was a kid, been with Chelsea all his life! So gutted!