Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2010/11 [720p]

Video clip Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2010/11 [720p]”

  1. drogba0019 Says:

    @1:46 was that drogba doing the “WHOO! WHOO!”

  2. ForKa5T Says:

    Lol at 3:15 !!! Arsenal defender in the wall moved AWAY from the hot shot. If that hit him in the head, he would have woken up asking “who am I?”

  3. TheGingerLow Says:

    @etin12 Its no.6

  4. gieff1 Says:

    3:31 come on, if rooney’s so good, let’s see him do THAT

  5. Dats1G Says:

    Gosh your videos are amazing! Love it!

  6. TheHardcoregamer96 Says:

    As good as the 2009/10 video compilation :)

  7. futbolkid1995 Says:

    lol 1:45 drogba is too raw

  8. Mr7elmi Says:

    # 9 = #1 :)

  9. etin12 Says:

    Where is thw Daid Luiz one?

  10. adamsonm1994 Says:

    song: Pendulum – Under the Waves (Immersion)

  11. xKaayxPro Says:

    THE BLUES!!! <33

  12. ftakins1 Says:

    Music pls?

  13. thunderhead201 Says:

    Ill never forget Alex’s goal at number 4, was unreal – we went crazy when it hit the back of the net. Ahhh, memories :)

    Oh, and kudos for putting Ramires’s goal at number 1, was truly brilliant. He had a great season and I am looking forward to what he’ll do for us in the future :D

  14. rimk440 Says:

    Great great videos.. I LOVE IT ! Please give us the name song :)

  15. FootyManDave4 Says:

    amazing video and i love the ending

  16. certified4511 Says:

    what is the name of the song

  17. NGAMBERK Says:

    Bloody brilliant. no trophy this season but at least we have awesome goals to cheer about. i smile every time i watch these goals. 2 goals from Kalou in there. maybe he is good enough for Chelsea after all.

  18. chosgalindosoriano Says:

    Amazing compilations.. enjoy all your vids man… you should continue

  19. CZCCZECH8 Says:

    PLS Song ???

  20. keresztesimarko8 Says:

    David Luíz Version PLS!! :) )

  21. DjLukeBurton Says:

    Great Fuckin Vid M8

  22. clonerspam Says:

    para mi el primero era el gol d alex
    es una chingoneria d gol

  23. ThisIsSoccer2010 Says:

    nice goals, brilliant qulaity and i like the commentaries !

  24. Magge123ify Says:

    What a nice Video! Great work! :)

  25. fcdiogo Says: