25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2010/11 [720p]

  1. Lol at 3:15 !!! Arsenal defender in the wall moved AWAY from the hot shot. If that hit him in the head, he would have woken up asking “who am I?”

  2. Ill never forget Alex’s goal at number 4, was unreal – we went crazy when it hit the back of the net. Ahhh, memories 🙂

    Oh, and kudos for putting Ramires’s goal at number 1, was truly brilliant. He had a great season and I am looking forward to what he’ll do for us in the future 😀

  3. Bloody brilliant. no trophy this season but at least we have awesome goals to cheer about. i smile every time i watch these goals. 2 goals from Kalou in there. maybe he is good enough for Chelsea after all.

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