Chelsea FC Top 10 goals – 2010/2011 season

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC Top 10 goals – 2010/2011 season”

  1. MartinLewisTV Says:

    Song is . written in the stars – tinie tempeh

  2. Pacalish Says:

    oh this is a nice video! but what’s the music name?

  3. MrChelseaLondonfc Says:

    Check out my 7 minute Chelsea FC season review, nice video by the way.

  4. MaciekMsk Says:

    Press 6 :D Ramires rubs nipples xD


    is the goal from alex against arsenal ?

  6. QuickGoals1 Says:

    chelsea new manager! watch my video

  7. YunGinGilly Says:

    drogba’s goal against bolton..
    omg the ball is swerving all over the place

  8. Vinchuckerful Says:

    6 people watched this video but they love man u

  9. Thepawan98 Says:

    alex is crazy

  10. redscuderia430b Says:

    2:42 did u see the ball went to the´╗┐ right before it went to the left? :D

  11. redscuderia430b Says:

    2:46 did u see the ball went to the right before it went to the left? :D

  12. ChelseaFORlife11 Says:

    Where’s torres goal, I think it was a good goal cuz he stuck at first, then turns and finish with his left….. Myopinion

  13. febin5 Says:

    alex goal was amazing and i think it should be 1 but in third it shoud of been david luis vs man utd great so it was, like your vedio

  14. davyg07 Says:

    @bundziulachelsea Press ctrl, Alt then F13 to see the goal by David Luiz

  15. MrShaunwheatley Says:

    Please everyone check out my new Chelsea Fc compilation on my channel. Thanks!

  16. MrErnest0 Says:

    good goals, good team, but we were better this season ;p as we will be next season XP

  17. spata10000 Says:

    some day torres will be in the top ten goals im sure he will score amazing goals next season

  18. marklikeschelsea Says:

    and that is why I love Chelsea FC!!!

  19. domo3xcfc Says:

    Nice video……but where is Torres goal…….That is the best goal…

  20. Crackying Says:

    the irony that ramires goal got goal of the season :/ i do agree alex’s goal was best.

  21. TheKarnivurusG Says:

    David Luiz vs Man utd should have been on this and Ramires’s goal should have been higher (in my opinion)

  22. relaxxson Says:

    alex free kick was a rocket

  23. Ethan1709 Says:

    i watched all of these goals in match! i love chelsea and tinie tempah so i think ill like this vid!!

  24. nikushachelsea Says:

    @CommanderTiberian thank’s man

  25. CommanderTiberian Says:

    @nikushachelsea writen in the stars