25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC Top 10 goals – 2010/2011 season

  1. 2:42 did u see the ball went to theο»Ώ right before it went to the left? πŸ˜€

  2. 2:46 did u see the ball went to the right before it went to the left? πŸ˜€

  3. Where’s torres goal, I think it was a good goal cuz he stuck at first, then turns and finish with his left….. Myopinion

  4. alex goal was amazing and i think it should be 1 but in third it shoud of been david luis vs man utd great so it was, like your vedio

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  6. good goals, good team, but we were better this season ;p as we will be next season XP

  7. some day torres will be in the top ten goals im sure he will score amazing goals next season

  8. the irony that ramires goal got goal of the season :/ i do agree alex’s goal was best.

  9. David Luiz vs Man utd should have been on this and Ramires’s goal should have been higher (in my opinion)

  10. i watched all of these goals in match! i love chelsea and tinie tempah so i think ill like this vid!!

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