Chelsea FC – #whendrogbascored

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25 Responses to “Chelsea FC – #whendrogbascored”

  1. John Stevens Says:

    Drogba Will Never Be Forgoten By Every Blues Fan Around The World As The
    Man Who Scored The Winning Penalty Kick To Bring Chelsea FC The Champions
    League Trophy

  2. Marc Lewkowitz Says:

    When Drogba scored! Chelsea fans around the world.

  3. Akshay Lal Says:

    When Drogba scored!

  4. Silvestrs TÄ«rons Says:

    Chelsea FC – #whendrogbascored

  5. Abdullahidulrasaq Abdulrasaq Says:

  6. John Stevens Says:

    New York Blues Support is Awesome

  7. Charlie Guna Says:

    what if it’s the real ronaldo and not the CR7 chum?

  8. mrkyokusanagi1 Says:

    dont say about hazard again, im going nuts. he completely suck .

  9. MikeMallorca2010 Says:

    I think the hardest decision I had to make as a Chelsea fan, was who I was
    going to have on my back…

  10. SpartanSam Says:

    Still though, some clearly are. On the story about Hazard joining Chelsea
    on goal I saw a comment by some guy saying “If Chelsea sign Hazard I think
    I’ll support them again next season”.

  11. Jerry Osi Says:


  12. slimabdulify Says:

    such a fool, racist f**k, its ppl like you that give football a bad name.
    stupid cow

  13. TheVokality Says:

    Its people like you who need to die, you are holding the human race back

  14. A. Roble Says:

    mata can have the number 11 which used to be lengendary dider DROBGA and
    hazard can have the 10 number simply

  15. TheVokality Says:

    point is not all of us are. But yea I understand, those fans arent true
    fans, going back on your team when they arent doing well, then all of a
    sudden wanting to come back smh

  16. chelsea kc Says:

    O.O WOOWWWW !!!!!!!

  17. Ciaran Smith Says:

    not particularly… i’m being aggressed by the most uncommitted, indecisive
    and idiotic troll of all time! i’m having a good laugh right now,

  18. iahtethis Says:

    says a liker. Look no one gives 2 shits on what you have to say. Go away.

  19. deedrabbit Says:

    Fake plastik fans all of them

  20. frin300 Says:

    You should have seen me

  21. rickpayne2010 Says:

    cant wait to see the comments of the 13 year old hazard fans boys if he
    dosent choose chelsea

  22. miamiheat95 Says:

    I still get goosebumps from this moment.

  23. StealthClown402 Says:

    says the United fan…

  24. Oscar Says:


  25. 3van5 Says:

    the Ghanians said “ya wini champions league” meaning “WE’VE WON THE