Exclusive: Interview Mohamed Salah محمد صلاح Chelsea FC

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21 Responses to “Exclusive: Interview Mohamed Salah محمد صلاح Chelsea FC”

  1. Dandy Yankee Says:


  2. rafsanzanie akbar Says:


  3. Omar Shaaban Says:

    He has to work on his English, He’s missing some vocab, but his vocab and
    grammar are good, Just the accent and everything is going to be fine.
    #English #ChelseaFC #EnglishPeopleSupportMohamedSalah 

  4. StalwartRobin7 Says:

    good luck

  5. Raulito Mares Says:

    I hope he does really well. He’s sounds so humble and proud to be at
    Chelsea FC. You can tell he’s really nervous but proud to be where he is.
    Hard work paid off. MOurinho will help him a lot

  6. cas jen Says:

    Good luck Momo. I hope to see you be a success in the mighty blue colours!

  7. abu zaid Says:

    Welcome salah

  8. Yossef Ezz Says:

    all english all the time :D 

  9. mahmoud eltaher Says:

    a happy salah is better than UN happy Mata :D 

  10. Melwood10 Says:

    all english all za time

  11. Nasimi Matlabzhon Says:

    Hi got the speed but no Accuracy hop hi will get batter

  12. adrge qerge Says:

    I dont understand what he is saying but good luck :D 

  13. Joe Shakran Says:

    رفعت راسنا ع الدكة يا صلاح :D
    Egypt love Chelsea :( (

  14. Ayman Alyahya Says:

    الانقلش ميييييح يا محححمد .. ماشي حتتكلم كويس في المستقبل القريب ، وسنراك
    اساسياً باذن الله يا بطل !!
    قلوبنا معك
    Your english is not that good as you play, but you will be great in the
    near future. You play now in one of the famous teams in the world. Just
    keep going, do well, and keep your head up. We all with you and we are sure
    we will see you soon in the top.
    - Your fans from Saudi Arabia :) 

  15. Nour Moustafa Says:

    يا عم صلاح اتكلم عربى وهما يترجموها بمعرفتهم وريح دماغك .. انت شغال لاعب
    كرة وللا مترجم :D 

  16. saleh melhem Says:

    اهلا وسهلا بيك محمد 

  17. Sabry Khalifa Says:

    صلاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااح ♥♥♥♥

  18. Mohammed Gamil Says:

    ربنا يوفقك يا ابو صلاح وتكن احسن لاعب فى العالم انتا تستاهل كل خير

  19. duese21 Says:
  20. ahmed mohamed Says:
  21. Ahmed TITO Says:

    صلاح العالمي