FIFA 11 Liverpool Career Mode Ep.11 Everton & Chelsea 7. & 8. League Game ~ S1 EP11 Make sure you SUBSCRIBE & Check out my FIFA channels :) I had to do Audio Swap, new song – Converse to Angles by 009 Sound Program Subsequent Episode (Ep twelve): Prior Episode (Ep 10): All Episodes here: If you like FIFA – Check out out these : Check out all our Pro Club Compilations here: All my Online Targets Compilations: MY Final Staff: My Swansea Supervisor Mode Present: True Madrid Co Op Manager Mode Series: Dismiss Tags: Steven Gerrard Fernando Torres finest targets 2010-2011 Pepe Jose Reina Daniel Agger Dirk Kuyt Raul Meireles Ryan Babel Glen Johnson Jamie Carragher Skrtel Konchecky Kelly Maxi Rodrigúez Lucas Poulsen Spearing Pacheco David N’Gog Anfield Street Hillsborough Heysel Steaua Liverpool Jovanovic Historical past Tradition Kop Kopites You Will By no means Stroll Alone Europe League Games Highlights Objectives Champions League winners 2005 Istanbul Atatürk Stadium AC Milan Liverpool three-3 Cup Tottenham Liverpool 2-one Skrtel individual goal (OG) Lennon last usa world cup david beckham ball freddy adu landon dovovan tim howard keeper EA Canada Sports activities Playstation three PS3 Xbox360 Xbox 360 Wii Nintendo iPhone OS Portable PSP On the internet Network machinima sports Goles highlights Jornada Liga BBVA – Ibrahimovic vs Eto’o – Arsenal vs Chelsea Liverpool Ultimate Conferedations cup copa confederaciones El Classico Leo Messi – The Proof – Geovanni 2-two henry messi eto’o rraul hat
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “FIFA 11 Liverpool Career Mode Ep.11 Everton & Chelsea 7. & 8. League Game ~ S1 EP11”

  1. themhynas Says:

    U suk ass if i had u had a xbox i would smoke ur ass too bad torres transfered to chelsea

  2. KoningDerek Says:

    @TomLFCHeaven world class my ass

  3. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @kentsta1 This was played on world class but I switched to Legendary since then :)

  4. muslimgiga Says:

    LFC FOREVER MATE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kentsta1 Says:

    what difficulty have you got it on?

  6. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @erilarioristanto PS3

  7. erilarioristanto Says:

    wht console?

  8. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @EcstasyFX Globus – Europa

  9. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @GPSJustin Yeah he does, check out future episodes that how many times he scores in last min, unbelievable, just as in real life :)

  10. EcstasyFX Says:

    what is the song in the liverpool intro?

  11. GPSJustin Says:

    Man Gerrard keeps scoring last minute goals doesn’t he?

  12. D3nzyGB Says:

    Liverpool Everton o.o Big Game :) (Typed before i watched)

  13. Deamonheim Says:

    @TomLFCHeaven ty. I thought it might be like pes because I havn’t played a fifa game in a while. :)

  14. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @Deamonheim yes they are in of course

  15. Deamonheim Says:

    are the championship team’s kits in the game?
    ps: WOOOOO CHELSEA!!!!

  16. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @WelshDragonDsG Thanks man, I’ll try my best, u too ;) Cheers

  17. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @fcgroningengast Thanks so much, your a great guy, it keeps me going this support, be patient, once you get your PS3, you will experiance FIFA at a whole new level..

  18. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @rhysyboy37 That free-kick was amazing :) Thanks mate for the comment

  19. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @giaprakuli Just recording the Swansea games, it will be up tomorrow, thanks for watching :)

  20. TomLFCHeaven Says:

    @ORR3LL World Class.. I will switch to Legendary at halfway through the season if I’m winning big

  21. WelshDragonDsG Says:

    Looks good man, keep up the good work

  22. fcgroningengast Says:

    until the end of time and fifa i am subscribed to you. my great bud. still my mum makes me unhappy because she thinks im not deserve PS3 and still get in in april with a vid camera. great vid man hope to work with you in the future

  23. rhysyboy37 Says:

    Another awesome video, what a hit from Stevie G!!! Couldn’t help but laugh at Zane Lowe muscling into your video :)

  24. giaprakuli Says:

    Good video mate!
    I m’ waiting for swansea vid!!!

  25. ORR3LL Says:

    Nice work. Keep it up, you should sooon have a 1k min. on all your vids, may i ask what difficulty do you play?