Javier Hernandez 2010 Top 5 Goals ‘Chicharito’ – Impossible Is Nothing

Javier Hernandez 2010 Best 5 Targets with Manchester United, Mexico and Chivas. Make sure you comment about the video :) And make sure you like and favourite too. Thank you. Javier Hernandez, Unattainable Is Nothing.
Video clip Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Javier Hernandez 2010 Top 5 Goals ‘Chicharito’ – Impossible Is Nothing”

  1. SamDaGreat67 Says:

    @ballsoffury4 look how many times he scored judging by how many times he started

  2. SiiKxViiSiioNz Says:

    @OpenTheB0x dont think so ! every time he scored he kiss the manu badge

  3. HomelessGuyAtBestBuy Says:

    @r4ndomduh oh yeah the 2 yard tap in against marsille was really amazing………so stfu lol

  4. HomelessGuyAtBestBuy Says:

    yeah mexicans have always been good cherry pickers, its about time they made a foward that can cherry pick goals on the field

  5. degekkejoop Says:

    @MrCharger916 yummie

  6. ballsoffury4 Says:

    Stfu Mrs. Chicharrito

  7. xguti001 Says:

    trust me if mexico’s clubs did a better job scouting and encouraging young promises to stay in the sport then mexico would produce pure talent. mexico is a big country and ive met several amazing players than never got a chance to go pro.

  8. futboldude77 Says:

    @ballsoffury4 Nope, he does what a striker has to, score goals and he scores a lot

  9. futboldude77 Says:

    Nope, he does what a striker has to, score goals and he scores a lot

  10. LCPD9111 Says:

    He did, 2 goals :D

  11. MrCharger916 Says:

    best thing to come out of mexico since tequila

  12. tescalante760 Says:

    @OpenTheB0x They bought him for about 7 million because he is Mexican. Let him be Brazilian or Argentinian they would’ve paid a lot more. Good example is Neymar who is values around 30mil right now. At least Guadalajara supported him the whole process.

  13. 775salvador Says:

    hell yea chicharito just keeps on representing da mexicans show england dat mexicans are good at soccer too!!!!

  14. CockAnBallz Says:

    @OpenTheB0x so fuck hard. so part hes the best player mexico has. theres a kid who only 17 years old and man u is going to pick him up for 5 mill. hummm and only gave him 9.5…oh wait wheres the best players of mexico at? one out of 11 on the field

  15. CockAnBallz Says:

    @OpenTheB0x no hes shit worst player iv seen, im just waiting for his luck to run out….and yes get back to me when mexico actually make it to the world cup because the concaf is so fucken hard, usa, mexico, honduras,maybe costa rica-canada-el salvador-tin-tobago…..

  16. Haza6000 Says:

    @ballsoffury4 Fuck off!!..he is better than your favorite player!!..asshole

  17. AdnaanS10 Says:

    The 2nd goal was 2 good!!!

  18. 1994jambo Says:

    “Chicarito” i right pal

  19. murps232 Says:

    best finisher i have seen since ole or ruud….quality

  20. r4ndomduh Says:

    @ballsoffury4 lol then check all his latest goals he have scored. You’d be amazed. So stfu.

  21. GooseberryMk3 Says:

    Lol I hate how one of the english football commentators always calls him “Chickarito”…

  22. nunciobmx Says:

    Hey you guys help chicharito win the player of the month vote on ManU official page !!!!!! thumps up this

  23. Florez1991n Says:

    @MyPortsmouth keep on hating on man u you and your team are bunch of loosers

  24. ballsoffury4 Says:

    Overrated, the only one he did something with was the last one

  25. potatochimp Says:

    @bnfhrh haha lol I really dont know. Maybe kinda same hair? lols