Mesut Özil – Full Real Madrid Presentation & First Training

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25 thoughts on “Mesut Özil – Full Real Madrid Presentation & First Training

  1. its up to ozil to decide if he wants to play for turky or germany and obviously he grew up in germany so he chose germany. he stayed in germany and obviously he feels at home in germany.

    now he is in spain but i bet he misses germany, the streets, the air and people…maybe in the future you will see him retire and stay in germany or amybe he will run to switzerland as most rich people do but one thing for sure his HOME is Germany but his BLOOD is TURKISH!

    stop fighting!

  2. @zauberhut Myfrien i am not from Turkey i am Turkish Cyprtot.I visit Germany often i love German people but what i am sating is true but i believe it will get better.

  3. @Crisstti You know what is the problem Germans politicians and people they talk very bad about Turks in Germany,When they invite Mesut German national team one of politician said he is not German his father not german.Europe there is lots of racism specialy people come from muslim countrys but when is come one world famost they they start fighting he is German no his heart with Turkey and he said it on Turkish tv.

  4. @AbdullahOcalaniSiken He not only can be a German but IS a German because he was born there and has always lived there.

  5. @altik250 dipshit your the one whos fucked seriously i cant stand cunts like you if your born in a country then you qualify as a citizen of that country regardless of your parents, fuck names they dont mean shit nowadays obviously your some turk whos pissed he didnt play for turkey well boohoo his life his choice get over it what did turkey do for him huh? germany is where he was raised and trained to become as good as he is he is a product of the german football system you ignorant twat

  6. @FineJerkB he didnt want to play for them cause he was born and raised in germany, as for attisss coment i dont buy it that manager of turkey had a great record and there are players who played for turkey that werent born there in his time and the turkish ff were constantly trying to persuade him but he didnt change his mind, ozil spoke about this himself

  7. ich bin auch türke aber wenn ich chef einer bank bin werde ich plözlich deutscher aber wenn ich in der u bahn jemanden schlage bin ich türke der abgeschoben werden soll
    ihr nimmt alles was euch gefäält und nennt es deutsch ihr seit nicht perfekt ganz und gar nich t!!

  8. @ChrissyLovesFCB He is Turkish German and every body knows that.I wish Geman people accept all Turkish People live there not only one is succses in foodball.If Ozcil did not play football propobly many Germans will call him dirty Turk please stop beeing dobble moral.If you learn to accept all Turks there you have right to call him German.

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