More Than Just A Game

A fantastic video clip of some great ambitions and legendary ambitions It currently functions in the MKB CC three video clip by: Elkilo
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “More Than Just A Game”

  1. LoveSoprem Says:

    17 people are UFO .

  2. RiceRhys Says:

    If we don’t have football then what do we have?

  3. pandasuxxx92 Says:

    This is about heroes and tribes, loyalties and devotion; it’s our battle and our belief, our commitment and our passion; this is our faith.

  4. HeardGraceshot Says:

    17 people do not love FOOTBALL.
    From a passionate American (:

  5. javiervalle1310 Says:

    this video should be put as a barclays premiere league commercial this inspired me so much tht when i played last night with my team i made 2 goals

  6. BatesAvfc Says:

    I recognise the opening track, is it from The Rock?

  7. inmeral Says:


  8. gamer2281 Says:

    its truly the world best game

  9. abcanz Says:

    fantastic job. well done

  10. Mikoraz Says:

    @below0zero or not

  11. thatdude734 Says:

    i love european soccer commentary lmao

  12. carolirae Says:

    i wish soccer was like this in america. (: oh excuse me, *football

  13. sssssjjjjj79 Says:

    wars should be decided through football

  14. A2B5K4 Says:

    Football is not a sport, It’s a religion.

  15. daijme Says:

    Football is a way of life.

  16. GA097 Says:

    like if this gave you goosebumps

  17. hazizi457 Says:

    Football = Life!

    17 Person like Billiard hahahahahahha

  18. tattaslayer Says:

    @below0zero well, I doubt that, You always have sore losers. >_>

  19. A2B5K4 Says:

    4:50 the worst moment of my life. ZIZOU <3

  20. 9xxDARKMIDGETxx9 Says:

    i cried watching this all the emotion!

  21. 9xxDARKMIDGETxx9 Says:

    i cried watcjing this all the emotion!

  22. SchuttenVids Says:

    5:40 – 6:11
    In my eyes, it wil be The Maradona goal.

  23. 505cblanco505 Says:

    super pippo a real legend

  24. 505cblanco505 Says:

    sad to say it bt ronaldinho lost the passion ;(

  25. VEXEN25 Says:

    @powerbcm you lost to Greece, though