25 thoughts on “The Best Chelsea FC comeback

  1. Napoli for me has to be one of the best comebacks. Just pure never give up
    attitude and proved how important Lamps, Drogs and JT were to the team. 

  2. not the best comeback. psg, barca, and napoli were betrter comebacks. but
    it had the best goals. the title should be named best chelsea goals of the
    decade in one match

  3. Definitely NOT Chelsea’s greatest comeback. I think too many ‘supporters’
    are caught up in the ‘Abramovich’ era. For me (and I was there!), Chelsea
    3-0 down away to Cardiff – came back to 3-3, and my greatest memory, 3-0
    down to Sheffield Wednesday in the Milk Cup Quarter Final replay in January
    1985 at Hillsborough – fought back to be 4-3 up with minutes to go, before
    Doug Rougvie gave away that penalty. Went through every emotion imaginable
    that night – still, Mickey Thomas won it for us at the death in the second
    replay – oh, happy days!!

  4. Napoli hands down should be the best Chelsea comeback. But, truthfully it
    ended in a draw with a 4-4 aggregate (normal time). So, Barcelona’s the
    best Chelsea comeback. Playing against them with 10 men!

  5. I like how @ 1:12 the first commentator is talking, and the other just cuts
    him dead off. LMAO “When the opportunity arises for Chelsea once agai-

  6. I don’t think we’ll ever see 3 legendary goals scored in one game at the
    bridge by 3 legendary players.

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