25 thoughts on “The Real Football Factories Episode 1 (London)

  1. @MrJutube89 i agree. hwo the fuk is he a pussy. he went to dinamo and hajduk split. by himself. he could of gotten fkn killed. im cro and i know how it is there. liek he said that sort of shit would be allowed in england. HAJDUK SPLIT!! REAL FANS TORCIDA!! 1950!! CHELSEA FC 4 LIFE!!

  2. this shows why football is the best sport in the world. hardcore passionate fans. which there arent really any in other sports. THIS IS REAL PASSION UNLIKE OTHER SHIT

  3. @CharlieSpeary Thats because you money- lenders are disgusting to look at…much better to just watch the game.

  4. DYER You act like a hard man but you make a fuckin spastic of the english you silly cunt.

  5. @Spongey45 I’m from Bexley and there are plenty of Cockney accents here mate… Danny Dyer IS a cockney. If you are working class from London, then you are a Cockney.

  6. @leemassey1 are you sure…? why Portsmouth the toughest??? Theres a lot of tough firms in good old britain…

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