The Real Football Factories Episode 1 (London)

Episode one of The Actual Football Factories looks at the London’s companies of Millwall,Chelsea,West Ham & Spurs
Video clip Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “The Real Football Factories Episode 1 (London)”

  1. liarhuntaz Says:

    @MrJutube89 coz its a donkey :)

  2. liarhuntaz Says:

    @MrJutube89 coz he’s not a casual :)

  3. DjGalm Says:

    hooliganism = terrorism

  4. scouserr23 Says:

    Do you know what I mean ?

  5. TheMrtinners Says:

    part two is were exactly

  6. MrSiimmo Says:

    @ChelseaFcTheChmps Inter City Firm

  7. ChelseaFcTheChmps Says:

    @MrSiimmo icf?

  8. ChelseaFcTheChmps Says:

    @mazafuzle lolol check out real football factories torcida and BBB

  9. ChelseaFcTheChmps Says:

    @MrJutube89 i agree. hwo the fuk is he a pussy. he went to dinamo and hajduk split. by himself. he could of gotten fkn killed. im cro and i know how it is there. liek he said that sort of shit would be allowed in england. HAJDUK SPLIT!! REAL FANS TORCIDA!! 1950!! CHELSEA FC 4 LIFE!!

  10. ChelseaFcTheChmps Says:

    this shows why football is the best sport in the world. hardcore passionate fans. which there arent really any in other sports. THIS IS REAL PASSION UNLIKE OTHER SHIT

  11. HioPojac Says:

    @CharlieSpeary Thats because you money- lenders are disgusting to look at…much better to just watch the game.

  12. MrJutube89 Says:

    why everybody hate danny ??:O

  13. blindbeggar Says:

    shandy drinking twats…… know what i mean

  14. MrDJJANGEL Says:

    DYER You act like a hard man but you make a fuckin spastic of the english you silly cunt.

  15. Rickflu46 Says:

    Fluminense FC
    1970 – 1984 – 2010

  16. mazafuzle Says:

    argentina has better hooligans

  17. MrSiimmo Says:

    icf all the way

  18. MrSiimmo Says:

    @rappid0709 agreed

  19. Internazionale182 Says:

    @TiSlLuKe lol

  20. ruslanapas Says:

    @TiSlLuKe hey im from holland ,why is he a wanker ? because he ’s cockney?

  21. fluffymole0913 Says:

    @Spongey45 I’m from Bexley and there are plenty of Cockney accents here mate… Danny Dyer IS a cockney. If you are working class from London, then you are a Cockney.

  22. G0tchya Says:

    @leemassey1 Portsmouth lol Chelsea Headhunters where the most toughest and feared

  23. BloodNorseGods Says:

    No More Brother War, Russia 2018

  24. hanoriapaddy Says:

    stupid southern twat . Grow up and come to blackley.>>>we have lots of headhunters here

  25. 1987Knockout Says:

    @leemassey1 are you sure…? why Portsmouth the toughest??? Theres a lot of tough firms in good old britain…