25 thoughts on “West Ham United vs Chelsea FC

  1. West ham have the best supporters in the world, no doubt about it. They are passionate no matter what struggles are going on, and always stick together.

  2. why dont you cunts try and avoid the escort next time, fucking embarrasment, i saw a few silly cunts running through the shopping centre shouting you wouldnt do this at upton park, i shouted what cunt scaring woman and fucking children, they soon shut their fucking mouths then, if this is west hams firm nowadays then RIP.

  3. ‘m forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air
    They fly so high, nearly reach the sky
    Then like my dreams they fade and die
    Fortune’s always hiding, I’ve looked everywhere
    I’m forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air
    United! United!

  4. west ham dont bother chelsea cos they dont cant win. guess ull be relegated this season in championship and meet ur real rivalry millwall (a team u can compete with)

  5. Years ago westham would have had it no matter there numbers but on that day in pimlico at the lord high you had a fair few numbers or be it more than what chelsea had and most ran what was that all about..?

    Again fair play to the few that did have it but chelsea just battered them on the steps and by the doubble door entrance…Dont get me wronmg iu am sure on there day westham are still good but the mob that day in pimlico were pants.

  6. @completepcs Ern nope, chelsea went to a pub on victoria street ware they were before hand early in the day across from army&navy but had left, so chelsea went straight to the lord high ware westham had gone to and everything after that was a total joke, christ for at least 3 weeks after the rear locked door to the pub was broken ware most had run out the back into the estate, fair play to the the few that did stay to try and have it but after that day i lost all respect for westham..

  7. listen to that chelsea: thats what a REAL FOOTBALL CLUB SOUNDS LIKE… When do Chelsea come to Upton Park and do that… Never!!!

  8. @WaynesEarsNFT hahahaha, west hame were waiting????? 300 lads walking about and nothing, 30 lads marching down barking rd and again nothing.

  9. @LondonFocusRS
    didn’t you boy’s watch the pub, wait for most of the main boy’s to leave and then make your move on what was left?

  10. @WaynesEarsNFT
    I heard it was man-u who said they was coming down with a massive firm so west ham was waiting but man -u didn’t want to know!

  11. if OB didnt take west ham out the shed west ham would have owned it for the whole game, chelsea were gutted ther precious shed got battered and taken, all that crap nobody takes the shed? Yeah right, i remember another season we had firms all over the bridge, we humilated u cunts, and then run u after the game, chelsea r and have never been fuck all

  12. @cpo57 bollocks, OB surrounded west ham in the shed and took them out across the pitch, chelsea starting singing shitters shitters so west ham broke the escort and run back to the shed and chelsea RUN again, after the game there was a mob of chelsea waiting outside the away end and west ham charged and battered them, i was there and see it all so fuck off u know nothing mug

  13. who the fuck is chelsea? fucking russia club. tradition canĀ“t be buy!
    west ham united!!!!!

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