Alan Hansen: Chelsea have misplaced the mentality of champions and their hunger for good results
Club’s demise is not an situation of age, fitness or squad power – they have lost the mentality of champions.

Chelsea and United stars deal with £2m tax demands in Premier League picture rights offer
The Premier League are on the verge of a multi-million pound settlement with HM Income and Customs above tax owed by footballers from their image rights contracts. And top gamers are most likely to be furious when the clubs, such as Manchester United and Chelsea, pass the tax bills on to them.

Jesper Gronkjaer: The winger who scored Chelsea’s £1bn target
Jesper Gronkjaer breaks into a lop-sided smile as he recalls the goal, that £1bn goal. The ultimate sport of the 2003-04 season was a straight knockout amongst Chelsea and Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, with the winner gaining the closing location in the up coming season’s Champions League. It was dubbed the £20m match, but that was a drop in the ocean in comparison with what it proved to be worth to Chelsea as …