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Regardless of the -one defeat to France, but this game also had a productive session of the Brazilian team, especially the defense, Lucio with the Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier and Juan in the absence of the two the base case, AC Milan, Tiago – David Silva and Chelsea – has formed a new central defender Luis mix of each is to turn out to be a companion of ten years of advocacy Seleção. First appear at the results of the two: 22 minutes, Malouda tried using prior to the area reaches the closed ball, but David – All Quiet on the looting of Lewis, suddenly the ball at the feet of the French and later on ran the midfield just before the ball near the line with their friends, the first 52 minutes of David – Lewis steals the ball underneath strain from the closed border, but the midfielder lost possession close to the line, but has not returned from defense, but search for possibilities to steal the ball above and over yet again till the pressure, broke in the initial area the ball outside the limited location of Pato, plus David – Lewis was provided the possibility to compete corner possibilities to score another in the limited zone. In the cleaning sheet of the team, David – Lewis and Tiago – Silva need to have some obligation, the appropriate facet of the encounter soon after Menes pass the restricted zone, Louis not to block the ball ahead of that level, Seoul Soon after tiles entry stage did not respond, the benefits are simple to overflow Benzema with the Nationwide Crew Soccer Jerseys rather of pushing males Shekong good results. But the loss of an complete line of defense for the Brazilian crew has the responsibility to re-brand anti-Robinho mistakes, Andre – Santos was unable to avoid the spread of Menes, Cesar moved to the road on the corner proximity, and Brazil is not even shut to the mark a player guy Benzema, so that losses of Lewis and not all the blame Silva, even so, two in Brazil, have number of opportunities to function in partnership on the back, in a tacit agreement As with the other increased. Brazil in current a long time, the main central defenders, Lucio will be held in Might this 12 months more than 33 a long time, John has 32 a long time, Brazil’s 2014 Entire world Cup, possibly can not help the defense of the Legion of Samba and injuries Chelsea central defender Chris Alex also prospects other individuals to rebuild the team Dayong de Menezes, whilst Brazil as shortly as feasible to locate a new pair of overalls fifty percent imminent.Now they want most are the nationwide coaching occasions, the crew of 26, Tiago – Silva now represent the Brazilian national staff played 10 occasions, 23 decades, David – Lewis plays much less and less in August and the U.S. is their first friendly match Seleção with the Brazil Soccer Jerseys selected right after the game with France, who only played 4 occasions for the nation, and so Lucio, Juan, in comparison with the sophistication of the guard, Luis Opposition also is a bit immature, but in January This 12 months, he moved to the Premiership giants Chelsea, the fierce bodily confrontation, and Terry, Alex and other people all around the possibility to find out, no question, allow it expand as well fast. America’s Cup in Argentina this summer, David – Lewis and Tiago – Silva is most likely to pave the way for the absolute identification of the articulation of the very first two most essential competitors is the way it is demonstrated capable of changing Lucio with the Brazil Jersey Juan is an excellent option.

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