With Chelsea desperate to become competitive again, they are considering bringing some new faces in the team. There are various reports that Antonio Conte might be the next Chelsea manager, and he will be interested to bring in some quality players to help boost a side that has been struggling all season.

Kroos is reportedly a target for the new Chelsea manager, and he will definitely bring new life to the Chelsea midfield. With players such as Fabregas already in the team, Toni Kroos will definitely be a welcome addition to the London team. With Roman Abramovich again backing the team with finances, chances are we will soon see TonisKroos in the Chelsea shirt.

There have also been rumors that Chelsea might be interested in RadjaNainggolan. The midfielder who currently plays for Roma has denied any interest from Chelsea however. It is reported that Antonio Conte is a big fan of the midfielder and would have recommended the Chelsea management to try to sign him.

Another player that has been linked recently with Chelsea is Leonardo Bonnuci. The Italian defender has improved a lot under the guidance of Conte at international level and would be a good addition to the Chelsea defense. The Juventus defender has claimed that he is happy with his current club and that he is not interested to move anywhere else.

On the other hand, there are current Chelsea players that would want to have assurances about their future in their team. John Obi Mikel, 28 years old has already issued warnings that he will consider leaving the club if ever he remains a constant substitute. The Nigerian midfielder has been a Chelsea player since 2006 and would want to revive his career somewhere else if ever he does not form part of Conte’s plan.