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With Crouch’s target at San Siro, with a complete score of one- Tottenham out of the Serie A giants AC Milan, bulls enter the quarter-finals this period. Following the match, the British media have praised the Spurs to attain a dream.

“The Times” said the brave Italian giants AC Milan, Spurs who produced a historic breakthrough, broke into the quarterfinals.”The Guardian” mentioned the Spurs enthusiasts deliver joy to their bravery to enter the Champions League quarter-finals, Serie A leaders failed to obtain break at White Hart Lane.”The Independent”, explained the efficiency of Tottenham by tenacious new stage in the quarter finals. Gallas in the 25th moment many thanks to Buddhism wrecker, Gomez produced up for the blunders.”Mirror” that feeling of the 1st leg ambitions, Tottenham finished an virtually impossible dream.

AC Milan, the audience only four times on sixteen shots powerful shot, the other far more than twelve shots in the Spurs defender was he denied the interference, or missed. Gallas timely fill the seats and Dawson’s brave with a very good, reminiscent of the aged Chelsea John Terry – Gallas the best line of defense. Soon after the game, “Sky Sports” rating, Trident Milan striker Robinho, Ibrahimovic, Pato was only 6 factors, whilst William Gallas is obtained 8 points of praise.

seven times the confront AC Milan won the , Gallas’s report can by no means bad. 07/08 knockout spherical, Gallas as Arsenal captain led the team out of the AC Milan. Get in touch with Barcelona yesterday, Arsenal are still clinging to the audience the efficiency of three balls coming down, allow go of his heart Wenger tottenham jersey everlasting discomfort. From Chelsea to Arsenal, from Arsenal to Spurs, will traverse the three giants of London, and represent the staff the , the number of, the effectiveness commendable is always good, linked to Actual Madrid as Dinghaishenzhen Carvalho, previous Chelsea defender John Terry in the planet – Ricardo Carvalho – Gallas conflicts, people marvel.

In truth, presented the group the sky sets the highest score after the game has three: Seedorf, Silva, Abarth, but the name recognition of Allegri only Seedorf right after the game: “I Seedorf in the post the effectiveness of the waist placement was pleased, I know he will do effectively. “

Seedorf has represented three teams obtained the four instances in the , he is a “lucky”, it was stated, the Champions League is Seedorf’s “home”, and now, Seedorf It is probable to lose the “home” of the. As the team’s long term plans, Clarence Seedorf AC Milan nearly certainly will not get the agreement, his next avoid is likely to be Red Bull New York, United States, 35-year-outdated Seedorf, job, even though it Arsenal Jersey will proceed, but the job this is really likely to draw on the needs of the gamers at White Hart Lane may possibly be that tears down the channel just before the AC Milan ten, is the veteran left back of the Champions League last.

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