During his time in the Premier League, Didier Drogba made as many enemies as he made friends. However, there is no doubting the fact that the quality and standing of the English Premier League was far improved by his presence, and his absence will be keenly felt by the media men who work so tirelessly to promote the image of English football the world over.

Drogba could come across as slightly foolish at times, rolling around in an exaggerated manner to infuriate opposition fans, and failing to take a bad run of luck or perceived injustices on the chin, but sometimes with great players you just have to take the rough with the smooth.

Certainly, Arsenal fans will long remember the striker more for his outstanding goal-scoring record against them than his theatrical tendencies, while Liverpool fans will undoubtedly remember him for his habit to carry Chelsea in tight games when they were not really performing well.

With one strike in particular against Everton still up there as a contender for best Premier League goal of the modern era, Drogba proved during his time in this country that he was more than just a bully in the air. He was a man with a sublime touch and one capable of turning on the style, as well as knowing how to pull off simple finishes.

Ultimately, when the history books are written, it must surely be noted that Drogba had as much of an impact on the Premier League as the likes of Thierry Henry and even Eric Cantona. So, the best of luck to Drogba, and let us hope that he comes back in some capacity to the Premier League sooner rather than later.

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