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Stretching across the iconic Thames River connecting Battersea and Chelsea lies one of west London’s most revered landmarks, the Chelsea Bridge. Towering over the cityscape at a height of nearly 22 meters, the 213-meter long and 64-meter wide suspension bridge also has a wingspan of 101 meters. The self-anchored structure also has three spans while two scenic piers are also attached to the overpass. The Battersea Footbridge also curves underneath the Chelsea Bridge as of 2004 and connects the region surrounding Battersea Power Station to Battersea Park.Having opened its doors o the public in 1937, the current Chelsea Bridge replaced Victoria Bridge (Old Chelsea Bridge) which was used to crossover from Chelsea to Battersea from 1857 to 1935. Designed by the famed LCC architect duo G. Topham Forrest and E. P. Wheeler, the new Chelsea Bridge is decidedly wider than its predecessor with a broad roadway complete with two cantilevered 3.7 meter pavements. The Chelsea Bridge is also the first self-anchored suspension bridge in all of England and also features two concrete and granite fa├žade piers on either side. It is also significant that all the materials used in building the structure originated within the former British Empire with granite from Cornwall and Aberdeen, steel from Yorkshire and Scotland, wood from British Columbia and asphalt from Trinidad. The lampposts on either side of the bridge are also attractive as they have been decorated with a coat of arms and a gilded galleon. The coat of arms visible on each side include the LCC coat of arms of the Lion of England, barry wavy and St. George’s Cross which stand for the Thames River and the lion, stag, winged bull and boar belonging to the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea among several others. Chelsea Bride is especially spectacular at night when its red, white and blue facade is illuminated with floodlights from beneath the structure. Nearly 285-meters of light-producing diodes have also been placed along the suspension links and towers of the bridge creating a spectacle of light complemented by the equally colorful shades visible in the nearby Albert Bridge. Those in search of luxury London hotel accommodation will not be disappointed with the elegant Millennium and Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club. Pleasantly situated in an exclusive neighbourhood with state-of-the-art facilities, restaurants, bars and conference centres, hotel accommodation in London seldom offers better facilities than this.

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Described as an iconic landmark in the British capital, Chelsea Bridge is a monolithic structure of immeasurable significance. With its new design and look orchestrated by renowned architects G. Topham Forest and E. P. Wheeler the modern Chelsea Bridge is a must-see attraction for all who venture down West London’s scenic trails.