Write-up by Paul Hardwick

Football is awash with cash – or so we would believe, but the folks behind it do not have the correct enjoy of the sport nor its finest interests at heart.

Appear at who is in charge: in London, Roman Abramovich a Russian oligarch and proprietor of Chelsea football club, an investment of one thing like £600 million, modest beer for a gentleman with his very own fleet of luxury yachts and quite a few aircraft. Chelsea losing £65 million this yr alone, Abramovich discovered enough pocket change of £7 million plus, to sack his manager. Barely 7 months in tenure, Scolari (previous world cup profitable manager of Brazil), received the thumbs down from his Caesar. A failure to beautify and edify Roman’s toy staff in speedy time would seem the purpose for this kind of. Now this sort of is the electrical power of the mega-wealthy, Abramovich is ‘borrowing’ the Russian nationwide team coach in a portion time position – becasue he can and he craves personal glory.

When steel magnets (lashmi Mittal) and mega-bucks Formulation A single big boys (Ecclestone &amp Briatore) buy a third charge London football group – Q.P.R. – alarm bells ring.

In Manchester, Malcolm Glazer (net worth .five billion), an American with multifarious business’s, raised the income to purchase the football club by borrowing versus all its property. Considering that taking handle, ticket charges have risen 42%. Also in Manchester there is another group less famous but, not long ago very lately become immensely a lot more rich, for Manchester City has been bought by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. The charge has been believed at £200 million but then, for this oil wealthy Sheikh what is a handful of noughts here and there, just knock out a few more barrels. Has he been to a sport yet?

When football gamers photographs this kind of as David Beckham show up on bill boards and he will get paid a lot more for parading in his underpants, than for kicking a ball, we know the madness has no bounds! As the Television revenues remain steady (or even rise) and the industrial enterprises of the clubs broaden into China and the Significantly East and many others, and they hoover all remaining life out peoples love for (their team) the world wide game, the fatted calf expands for the abundant. But, Football will consume alone, there will be a day when the expansion stops, football will deflate and then what be left to feast on, nought but the bones of a the moment mighty activity. The Hyena’s will have left a prolonged time ahead of.

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