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Fans of the Chelsea Football Club love to sport its royal blue colors and ever-changing crest which happens to be, currently, a lion carrying a staff. The good news – for fans – is that Chelsea football shirts are available in all sizes, for practically all ages. Like, we keep saying, football shirts make for great fashion gear as well. If blue happens to be your favorite color you would simply dig the Clelsea scarves, shirts, and T-shirts. Most people would be aware that Chelsea Club representatives have always donned blue although, in the beginning, they wore its lighter version. This shade was inspired by its then president Earl Cardogan who loved the races. Votaries of Chelsea’s much sought-after Premier League are bound to love its navy blue-collared shirt with three buttons running down the front. It is called – you guessed it – the Chelsea 2009/10 Premier League Winners Polo-Nay Shirt. The 2010-12 Chelsea home shirt, manufactured by Adidas, seems to epitomize relaxation. A high collar in red and white and piping running down its short sleeves, the Chelsea home shirt looks the picture of leisure. What is more, fans can now customize their shirt by imprinting the name of their favorite star. With the new season coming around, Adidas has struck a different pitch. The new Chelsea away shirt manufactured by the company happens to be a legend in white with grey stripes and black trim. Whatever happened to the royal blue, a lot of fans have been asking. The thing is this: the Chelsea away shirt looks conservative and cool and is already wooing fans. Those who love dramatic colors such as rust, black, pink et al would love to get into Barcelona gear. Most Barcelona Football – actually ‘futbol’ – Club fans hail this Catalan institution as mas que en club or ‘more than a club’. It is, as everyone knows, one of the most popular clubs throughout the world. It is also one of the clubs to have enjoyed highest success in European football. No wonder, its colors are so cheerful and jocose.The members of the Barcelona Futbol Club have always resolutely refused to flaunt company logos on their shirt fronts, preferring instead, to advertise the UNICEF logo. It is a treat to watch Barcelona team members in cherry pink football shirts with a high neck and sleeves in black trim carrying the UNICEF message. That’s the away shirt available at £ 44.99. it must be mentioned that the 2008-09 Barcelona away long-sleeved shirt in egg-yolk with black trims and the ochre short-sleeved 2007-08 Barcelona 3rd away shirt remain major attractions to this day. A recent attraction is the 2009-10 Barcelona Goal Keeper home shirt. Sleek-looking with its long tapering sleeves, this smart Nike shirt with red and blue stripes tracing running down vertical lines against a black background looks chic and sits well on all ages. You have the choice of customizing this shirt by imprinting the name of your favorite player. Available at £ 49.99 wearers of this shirt are also able to add sleeve patches at £ 5.

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