Jose Mourinho has hit back at Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, who appeared to suggest that the Portuguese boss was having its huge influence on players appearing for their national teams. Ramos comments came after both Chelsea players – Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas – pulled out of the national team duty despite having played for Chelsea only a few days before the international squad announcement. It was also not surprising to see Costa and Fabregas back and playing during the weekend against West Brom. Mourinho, though, says that both players were assessed by the team doctors and deemed not fit enough for international duty.

He also claims that Ramos may be a great defender, but he is not a doctor by profession. Hence, he should not be making ill-advised comments about other professionals. Ramos was managed by Mourinho during his three years at Real Madrid, but it is often held that the Portuguese did not get along well with the Spanish contingent at the club. Mourinho has quoted the example of Vincent Kompany, who did not appear for the Belgian national team’s Euro 2016 qualifying matches but was present for Manchester City’s home match against Swansea on Saturday.

Costa and Fabregas have been vital players for Chelsea this campaign. The striker recently scored his 11th league goal in 10 matches against West Brom.”Since I’ve known Sergio Ramos he has been a fantastic football player, but he is not a doctor.

He is not a doctor and I am the same. I do my job the best I can but I am not a doctor.My doctor and the doctor of the Spanish national team, they had the scans and they decided that the player was not in the condition to play.I am nobody to go against it and I don’t think Sergio did a medicine Masters in the last couple of years to understand about it,” said Mourinho.