Chelsea have always been reknown for their team spirit, with many of the most famous Blues players over the years putting the club’s interests ahead of their own. Frank Lampard has portrayed this talent for the Blues of late, when he admitted that there was no hard feelings that he wasn’t getting into the first team, and that he just wanted what was best for the club.

He has struggled to get into the first XI on a regular basis since new boss Andre Villas-Boas came in, but Lampard has never been one to moan about the lack of opportunities. He went on to say that he feels completely at home when playing for Chelsea and has never had any issues with them earlier – allaying any fears from fans that he might be moving on to a new club in the January transfer window. There have been rumours that AVB was keen to get new blood in, and that it might be time for Lampard, and his massive contract, to be shown the door.

Lampard has gone on record to say that he hopes that Chelsea do not make wholesale changes to the spine of the team, as there are key players who are completely focused on the game and on the club. To support his statement, pointed out that players such as John Terry have showcased an excellent array of skills in the last few games and this is very important for the team’s growth and performance.

Chelsea are amongst the favourites to win in Europe this season, with the latest Champions League betting odds suggesting that Chelsea have a great chance of getting to the final.

There has been speculation that Lampard’s relationship with coach Villas Boas has soured, but Lampard goes on to remove all such doubt, and confirmed that the entire team is behind the boss, and the bosses decisions. He concluded by saying that when a team loses all criticism goes on the top players and officials of the team rather than the young players and this needs to be kept in mind while making decisions. Coach Andre Villa Boas also distanced himself from reports that he had lost the dressing room.