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Actively playing with fire accidental damage of a gun club Chelsea, after the interns, the United Kingdom on Monday, and regional police confirmed that the investigation Ashley Cole friendly fire incident 21-yr-old Cowen, and the inevitable war in Chelsea, Manchester United the eve of the disruption to Ashley Cole preparing.This transpired in February 20, Sunday, thirty-yr-old weekly earnings of twelve.5 million pounds of Ashley Cole, with a .22-caliber gun with a box to reach the Chelsea West Bam coaching base. In the locker area, gun fire hit Soccer Jersey the 5-stage absent in his intern Cowen. A witness stated that currently being Ashley Cole hit the post Cowen was bleeding profusely, soreness. “News of the World,” said Cowan was hit instantly soon after the treatment method Chelsea released him two days off, but his wounds and stays in fantastic pain, in require of further observation, but does not need hospital remedy.Even so, Ashley Cole is not likely to be charged, .22-caliber gun with out license in the United Kingdom can have the most Premier League Jersey destructive firearms. A police spokesman said, “We can verify there is no direct accusation from Surrey police, but media protection was introduced to our attention. We will contact the club to see A Keer, criminal behavior.””Day-to-day Mail” mentioned Ashley Cole has been a large-degree angrily. Cowen will be invited to high-degree with Chelsea on Wednesday to go to a meeting, Chelsea will be requests for him to help “blackout”, and in the meeting, and Chelsea Jerseys Cole will be the identify of a personal apology to Cowan. Very last night, a Chelsea spokesman stated, “We have investigated the events of the entire procedure we will not conduct a deeper review, which belongs to the inner affairs.”Cowan College Division of Physical Schooling is Musharraf Bohle pupil interns a yr now arrive to Chelsea. Cowan’s father Ronald, 51, is the name of a surveyor he asked the Chelsea penalty A Keer. Yesterday, Ronald angrily said, “I do not want to talk about this.””Daily Mail” said Chelsea would be on the Ashley Cole fined 25 kilos, that is, his salary for two weeks, but Ashley Chelsea Jersey Cole so much has refused to publicly apologize to Cowan. Yesterday, when asked no matter whether Cole issued a statement to express regret, his agent explained no these plans.Lost 1-three absent at West Ham very last weekend’s game, Liverpool defender Kelly Star break when the ball unintentionally thigh muscle strain in the prognosis of harm, the team announced he would miss at least 5 weeks levels of competition. That is to say, the up coming round of the sport from Manchester United and the two hosts and guest of the European Cup with Braga, Kelly will be missed.Dalglish following taking office, the main help of this 20-year-old teenager, Kelly did not stay up to the coach’s have confidence in, equally in look a very good sport to play, the original immediately to the main proper-again Johnson pushed to the left. The encounter of injuries, Kelly not only disappointed but also frustration, I believe that soon after the back injury right after the 90 tiny genius with excellent overall performance will keep on to return to coaching, to assist the group win.

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