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Liverpool’s official web site, explained it rejected the supply from Chelsea for Torres, but in accordance to media, Chelsea whose players are on Wholesale Football Shirt Shop has not offered up the lookup for the Spanish, even the intention to pay out the penalty below agreement and Golden Boy himself Torres a quite fundamental adjust of frame of mind. He joined Liverpool, Chelsea asked. Liverpool official site of the circular, “for the introduction of Torres, Chelsea created an offer to us, we have rejected this supply, and that Torres is not for sale.” But this mindset is not frightened of Chelsea, verify out ESPN blue now actively getting ready a second bid for Torres, but this time they intend to delve into the vital point, which is compensated directly Torres penalty stipulated in the agreement volume – £ 5000. Torres and Liverpool had to renew the contract includes the buy after the crew can reach 5,000 lbs, and that Liverpool is no lengthier any obstacle. In addition to Torres to shell out damages in the contract, Chelsea with the Nationwide Football Shirts intends to break the team salary framework in Spanish. Chelsea is at the moment the greatest paid player is John Terry, his weekly salary of all around £ 15,one hundred,000, and to show fairness, Chelsea, Torres to provide a weekly contract of sixteen million kilos a lot more than his weekly wage packages more 5 lbs.Last summertime, the town has a high purchase Torres the Spanish when they even supply £ 7500, salaries have reached an amazing twenty million pounds per week. But when Torres and Liverpool have not signed a contract extension, there is no breach of contract, Jin stated £ 5000, and second, the frame of mind of the players is very essential – Torres did not want to join the rich, but the lack of championship heritage Manchester Town, Gentleman Jin and Yuan CHEENEY offense can not stop in failure. In comparison to final year refused to Manchester City, Chelsea, Torres is now the attitude is very distinct therapy, due to the fact he is waiting for this motion. “Sky Sports”, stated the Spanish football skilled Ba Lage, Torres not only inside will join Chelsea, who even took the initiative of its personal higher-stage requests for the release of Red Army. Bala Ge with the Chelsea FC Football Shirt Spain, which indicates that a lot of Spanish football players in the transfer of messages, when I presented the substance C Mendes estate agent has taken the initiative to speak to and later defected to Actual Madrid, Manchester United’s Portuguese Indeed, it requires Chelsea transfer to say Torres should be far more trustworthy.In truth, Torres himself, which does not move to Chelsea a exclusive possibility? When was the beloved Atletico Madrid to Liverpool, is to pursue the glory of the championship, but so far, not even a trophy does not touch the hair, which fell to the Red Army was unable to carry out the long run of Torres, so move to Chelsea in search of a better development, is probably seeking forward to Torres, the “Sky Sports,” stated Chelsea Torres with the Essien Shirts is prepared to the moment once again provide but desires Liverpool to do not merely dismissed.

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