Arsene Wenger has dismissed suggestions that his club are in the title race after closing the gap to Chelsea in the last few weeks. The advantage held by the West London outfit has been reduced to just seven points amidst poor form.

Arsenal, on the other hand, recently managed to secure their sixth consecutive victory in the league after a 2-1 score against Newcastle United. This has reduced the gap to a manageable level with eight matches left in the season. Even though Chelsea do have a game in hand, Jose Mourinho has been quick to suggest that Arsenal are in the title race.

Concerned that this would put unnecessary pressure on the team, Wenger stated that his team are merely concentrating on finishing in the second spot. There is a real possibility of Arsenal finishing above Manchester City, who have managed only four league victories in the last 10 matches. City are only one point above Arsenal following this weekend’s results. It was only recently that they suffered a shock 1-0 defeat against Burnley. More key matches are set to threaten the reigning Premier league champions in the last few weeks of the season. Arsenal also have tough matches against the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea.

“Chelsea have too much security and at the moment I feel they have enough to be quite serene.We have Manchester City in front of us but if you look behind us it is tight as well so the important thing is to win our games, but Chelsea have a good security.We will try and win the next game and then the next one, that is what we have to do.Newcastle played very well in the second half but we had an outstanding second half going forward. I’m proud of the performance we put in,” said Wenger.