Antonio Conte believes that Chelsea can become champions again despite enjoying a bad season last term.

He said that it was the same thing with Juventus when he took over and that he managed to turn the team into a side capable of winning the Serie A. Antonio Conte believes that he will be able to do the same with Chelsea.

He said that it was the same thing with Juventus because they did not manage to win the title for a long time. He said that even the players thought it was impossible to get back on top of the Italian league and that he had to fight to make everyone believe in his project. For him, it is important for the players to believe in themselves and make sure that they give the best in training. He said that there is no shortcut to success and that each player should work hard in training.

Antonio Conte believes that if the team sticks together and that they continue to train together they will be able to improve the team spirit and improve the gameplay. He is adamant that they can become like the Juventus team and dominate the Premier League in the years to come. However, this will not be automatic, and that fans should give them some time to improve and then they will see the result.

Chelsea started their season with a win against West Ham United, but the game was not easy. However, there are clear signs that Conte is gradually changing the team to follow his philosophy and that there is a sigh of progress in the way the team play. Chelsea is no longer the team that loses confidence when the going get tough, and the players clearly show sign of determination on the pitch.